Golden Mushroom pork chops

I'm linking up with Andrea for Recipe Club. Today I'm sharing my Golden Mushroom pork chop recipe. This is SOOOOO simple, yet so yummy. One of my all time favorite meals to cook.
What you need:
thin pork chops, I usually buy boneless
1 can golden mushroom soup
salt and pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
olive oil
Heat your pan with olive oil. I rarely measure anything you just need enough to get a thin layer in your pan.
 While your pan heats up wash your pork chops, and put them on a cutting board to season. I pretty much season everything with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder. However, my mom recently bought me "good shit" seasoning from Miranda Lamberts store and I've been using that. It can go on anything. It's worth the $15.
Okay so after you season cover the pork chops in flour. You don't need a whole lot just get the chops covered front and back.
Next stick them in the pan and brown them. Once they have browned turn down to low, and add your golden mushroom soup, and a can of water. Put the lid on and let them slowly cook. These will literally get so tender, and melt in your mouth.
That's all there is to it. I usually make these with mashed potatoes, and use the gravy from the chops to put on them. A vegetable, and roll.
I hope you guys enjoy!
Normally I would have step by step pictures with the instructions, but this was totally last minute. After my post yesterday I got a lot of questions about these, so I decided to share. If you make these please let me know how you liked them!! Happy pre Friday, friends!

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