What's up Wednesday- September

Another edition of What's Up Wednesday! Can you believe it's already the end of September? Let's get started.
What we're eating:
Monday- Golden Mushroom pork chops, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, and rolls.
Tuesday- Cinnamon rolls- don't judge
Wednesday- Cheeseburgers, homemade French fries, baked beans
Thursday- Ribs, left over sides
Friday- dinner with friends
Saturday- cook out at the lake
Sunday- pizza night
What I'm reminiscing about:
Carson Ray
This picture popped up on my time hop the other day. I couldn't help but go back and look at his baby pictures.

Who told him he could grow up? He is such a sweet, sensitive, lovey boy. I am so glad I get to be his mom and watch him grow up.
What I'm loving:
I'm ready for the temps to cool down so I can make soups, stews, chicken and dumplings, chili, etc. I've already started my fall baking. I've made pumpkin cake, zucchini muffins, and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. YUM!
I love Olivia's fall wardrobe, too!
What we've been up to:
 Pumpkins at the Arboretum are my favorite.
 Saturday we had a couple birthday parties.
 The only pictures I ended up getting were of them eating cotton candy.
 Showering baby Easton. Can't wait to meet that sweet girl, only a couple weeks left!
 Every Thursday I go eat with Carson at school.
 My little dirt bike rider.
 Carson got to stay the night with his Nonnie for the first time. They both had a blast.
 Every weekend is consumed by a soccer game. My little brother is refereeing at the same fields Olivia plays on. He comes by and checks to make sure she's playing.
 Oh spelling words. You have not been our favorite part of the day. I try to make learning his words fun so far shaving cream has been his favorite way of practicing them.
 The other night we had a random date night to pappasitos. It was so good. I'm ready for it again!
 I finally set up Carson's bed. I'm still working on some wall décor.
 My little brother driving me around. I can't believe he is old enough to be doing this. I told him when he gets his license to please not drive like the other teenagers I see around town.
What I'm dreading:
Training the puppies I agreed to get.
What I'm working on:
Halloween costumes. These seriously stress me out every year. I like for my kids to coordinate, and I like their costumes to be outside of the box.
(2011-2014) Raggedy Ann, and Andy, Minnie, and Mickey mouse, and Cowboy costume were all vintage costumes. My MIL saved these all from when my husband, and SIL were my kids ages. Olivia is wearing Ryan's cowboy boots from when he was younger. I'm so glad she saved these we have had so much fun bringing them out of the attic and wearing them again. 
This year I'm letting go, and letting them be what they want. I'm really sad about it, because I wanted them to be Ricky Richardo, and Lucille Ball. How stinkin' cute would that be?? I feel like Carson's just too old to be coordinating with his sister, especially as Ricky Ricardo.
What I'm excited about:
 I'm really excited about my puppies I'm dreading to train.
I mean look at this face. SO SWEET! Meet Penny Pickle.
C fell in love with this little black one. I think he named him Frankie Ray. He wanted it to have his middle name. Ha.
Two happy kids right here.
What I'm watching:
I'm currently not watching anything. I could use some referrals!
What I'm listening to:
Coffee Shop on Pandora. Obsessed!
What I'm wearing:
Lots of army green, and booties
(I take the best worst selfies!)
 I can't wait to wear this to a baby shower Saturday.
 Don't pay attention to my messy room. #reallife
What I'm doing this weekend:
Saturday Livi has a soccer game in the morning, I have my step sisters baby shower, then meeting friends at the lake for a cook out. While we're doing girl stuff, Ryan and Carson are going out to the Good Guys car show.
Sunday I am possibly taking my nephews birthday pictures.
What I'm looking forward to:
School is out on Monday for Fair day, so I will be sleeping in!!!
What else is new:
We have family pictures coming up on the 10th. I love the color combo I'm going with. It's very Fall!
What is your favorite Halloween tradition:
(Halloween 2014)
Every year we go to Ryan's parents house to trick or treat. They hand out candy on their porch while we do the couple streets around them. I will miss this tradition... Since my FIL had his stroke they've had to make a lot of changes, one of them being selling their house. However, Ryan's grandma lives across the street from their current house, so we can still trick or treat in the same neighborhood. It won't quite be the same, but as long as we are altogether I'm happy.
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  1. Such a cute little family! Looks like you are having so much fun!

  2. Mushroom pork chops sound delicious and right up my alley, yum! Your pictures are so sweet and your kids are adorable. I love their Halloween costumes. Stopping by from the linkup, new follower!

  3. Mondays Dinner sounds delicious, I think I might add that to next weeks menu, Thanks heaps.

  4. I LOL'd at your cinnamon roll dinner - wish I was that brave!!

  5. Love the shaving cream spelling word idea! :):) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your kids are so beautiful! And those puppies are super-cute.

    Fizz and Frosting

  7. Ah, your post about your little boy tugs my heart strings. My baby just turned one and I can't believe how fast time is going! Looks like you guys are having a fun time at life! 😀