What has been up?

I'm slowly catching up around here. My computer was all kinds of crazy, so it got me behind. 

Our lake nights are sadly coming to an end. 
Livi started PreK at a new school. 
Lunch dates with my boy. 
Grandparents blast with Mimi. 
Baby shower for my HS friend. I love we can go forever without seeing each other, but can catch right back up! 
These two cousins are so sweet. 
My handsome boy. 
Ryan turned 34!
Soccer practice in style. 
Picture day at school. 
Using daddy freebies for lunch!
Lunch date Thursday's. 
Keeping up with my fitness. 
Carson's school backed the blue Friday. Wrangler round up was dedicated to these officers. 
Last minute date night. 
Olivia played awesome today.
Photo shoot 
Carson slept over at Nonnies. Think it's so neat he gets to spend time with his great grandmother. She picked him up from school, then took him for DQ blizzards. He asked to stay the night, they had chicken Express, played bingo, and had a blast! 

That's our life lately! 

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