Pumpkins Texas Style

Yesterday my sil and I met up at the Arboretum to get a little sneak peek of the Texas themed pumpkin display. I had no idea that it was going to be Texas themed, I just happened to have put Olivia in the perfect outfit. The Dallas Arboretum always puts on a great pumpkin display, they had 75,000 pumpkins, and ghourds. I'm so glad Katy asked us to go. I'm going to just let the pictures speak for themselves. I can't choose a favorite.

Well we tried!
When we came out to Katy's car she realized she couldn't turn her key, and the steering wheel was completely locked. We tried everything we could, and just couldn't get it. This had to happen on a day Ryan was gone to East Texas for a job. Luckily, we had my car to sit in to wait for AAA in A/C.
Having a DVD player in my car really helped us out. It kept the kids entertained for about an hour. Of course the Tow man was able to get her car working again, and she was able to make it back home to Tyler. The way I look at it we got some extra time together.

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