Pre-K cutie

My sweet girl started Pre K a couple weeks ago.
(Side note: I had bought her a really cute first day of school outfit that was supposed to be delivered in time, but it wasn't. So, we are wearing one Lolly made from last year.)
I moved Olivia to a new preschool this year. Her other one was good, but for the money I just expected more from it. I have been so pleased already with the change.
 It was a little harder dropping her off this year. I think it was mostly, because I was dropping her off at a new school that was unfamiliar to both of us.
 She was ready to tackle the day and meet new friends.
 It wasn't the easiest morning for pictures. Next year I'm going to have to do pictures the weekend before school starts. I am going to be busy trying to get two kids ready for big kid school. EEK!
She has the best facial expressions. There is just so much sass and spunk in a little body.

Her routine at school is to go drop her backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle off, then go to Chapel.
In Chapel they have a little bible verse they go over, then sing a few songs, and off to class they go.
 First day of school comparison pics.

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