My baby is 5

I can't get over Carson turning 5 and heading to kinder in August. Time sure does fly by! This morning I got up and made Carson pancakes and bacon for breakfast.
Then we got ready and headed to Lolly's to drop Olivia off.
It's also Shasta's birthday. Poor dog, most of the time we forget about it being her birthday. We met up with my mom and little brother to see the movie smurfs 2.

Carson sure loves his uncle p. After the movie we picked up Olivia and headed home. We decided to let c open his presents before dinner so my mom could see him open them. She split his big present with me, so she needed to be there.
He was so excited to get an iPod. He had no idea. He hasn't even been asking for one, so it was a complete surprise. It's funny the one thing he's been asking for, for months was an alarm clock. Of all things an alarm clock!!! Really? Ha! He got one of those, too. All day he kept asking me if he was 5 yet. once I finally said yes he said it feels so different being 5. He's so cute! I took a bunch of pictures on my big camera but haven't put them on the computer yet. I'm very behind on uploading them. Thanks to everyone who wished c a happy birthday and thought of him today. He said he had a great day and so far being five is awesome!

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