Back to Texas we go

We had so much fun on our trip. I can't wait to go again. It will be so exciting watching the kids learn to ski. 
Our view heading home. 
It was taking forever for the snow to fall off the car. Ryan opened end the sunroof screen and still had a huge pile on top. Ha.
Finally back in Texas. 
The drive was far less boring than the drive there. It helped Ryan let me listen to prime country! 
I was so excited to pass Cadillac ranch. We had perfect timing, the wiener mobile was passing it right as we were so I got a picture of both. We stopped in Amarillo for lunch at Hooters. I was so happy to have some sweet tea again. I was having major withdrawals. 
We finally made it home about 7, picked the kids up and gave them their gifts before bed. I was so happy to see their sweet faces. Thanks lolly & pops for keeping my littles so we could have some kid free time! 

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