Day 3 of skiing

This day was the most fun! We got up early and hit the slopes as soon as the ski lifts opened. By this day I had it down! 
I went with Ryan to what I thought was going to be a green slope. We went down it then once on the lift he said that was a blue. Ha! The guys got tricks people. 
Since he tricked me I made him take a selfie. 
We did the same slope a few times to make sure I had it. I fell a couple times but that's just part of learning. 
This is a restaurant bar at the top of the slope. They were allowing foot traffic this day so Lauren, and two others that were with us rode up the lift while we skied the slopes around it. 
Carson's name was pretty famous up there so I had to take pics to show him. 
My favorite slope we skied was Kit Carson. 
This was the view from the top of Kit Carson. 
After we skied for the day we turned in our stuff, then Lauren and I did a little shopping. This little store had the cutest stuff ever. After the lady rang us up we put a few things back. We got a little carried away. Ha!We had dinner then went back to pack our stuff. We wanted to get an early start driving home since we heard the roads in Texas were bad. 
My car on day 3 before defrosting it. 

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