Ski trip day 2

The next morning we woke up to loads of snow. There was 19 inches at the top of the mountains and 13 at the base. Insane. 
Ryan, Pete, and Charlie went to ski some of the harder slopes while Lauren and I hung out to play in the snow. 
Us Texas girls aren't used to this so we were loving it. 

We caught Ryan at the bottom taking a break. Snow boarding involves a lot of rolling around in the snow. 
I tried getting a selfie with the deer but then I dropped my phone in the deep snow. Eek!! 

After lunch we headed out to ski the bunny slope. 
It took me a couple times to get it down. I would go so fast. Once I got my turns in check it was easy! I'm so glad I had Lauren to ski with. Ryan's a very advanced skier so I didn't expect him to hang with me. 
He did come check on me every now and then. 
Our cars the second day of snow. After we skied we changed clothes and headed for dinner. We went to a Mexican food place. It smelled so good and was ok, but still not like Texas tex mex. 
After dinner it was bed time! I went to bed so early there. The elevation made my sleep schedule whack! 

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