A day at the museum

Last week we met up with one of my good friends, Jess, and her kids at Play Street Museum in Frisco. When we first got there we had to wait a bit, and I was starting to worry C was a little too big for this place. Once we finally got in to play he just took off, and had a blast.
Here he was taking phone calls at his desk. He loved going to all of the different stations playing. His favorite was the hospital. He kept going back.

He also really enjoyed playing Fireman.
I think his uniform was just a bit on the small side.
Olivia pretty much played Veterinarian the whole time. 
I was able to get her to play at a few others stations before she went back to check on her patients at the vet.
I like when she's my cashier at Kroger, my bill came out a lot less than normal.
While the kids played I got to love on this cute baby girl. I loved how Jess and I could just sit and catch up while our big kids walked around and played. 
We enjoyed our day at the museum. We will definitely go back.

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