Carson's birthday bash

Saturday we celebrated Carson's birthday with a pool party at one of the community pools in my in-laws neighborhood.
The first hour of the party we spent swimming.
I chose to do the party at 10 A.M. before it got busy, & hot. It couldn't have been more perfect.
I love how this pool also has a shallow pool for the younger kids to enjoy. 
 After we swam a bit we stopped to eat some pizza, and fruit.
 Then we had cupcakes before they melted, and moved onto presents. I had told my sister no nerf stuff, because I knew a few people had already bought nerf guns for him. And, she walked in with the biggest nerf gun ever. It made his day, and was totally worth it.
Carson, & my nephew, Keegan.
 I can't believe our first baby is turning 7!!!
 After food, and presents it was time for more swimming. This girl LOVES to swim. She's my little fishy.
 My nephew, Camden playing with the beach balls.
 Party crew. Thank you all so much for coming and celebrating our big guy.  So glad you could all make it!

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