All about Carson

So last Friday this guy turned 7.
SEVEN! How is that even possible? I can't believe it's been 7 years since we brought him home. 
We started his day off with annual birthday pancakes.

After breakfast we took Shasta back to my in-laws and had a birthday photo-shoot.
It's also Shasta's birthday. She turned 11.

We met up with Mimi and Uncle P to go see Ant Man.
It's the first time I think I ever had to pay for a movie. It is expensive. After the movie we took Carson to my mother in law, so she could take him shopping for his gift. 
We came to pick him up on our way to go eat. We did things a little backwards. We had birthday cake before dinner, so we could celebrate with Pops. 
Ryan only lit two candles because he wasn't sure if should even light candles in the rehab center. I feel like two candles was kind of appropriate. He's been acting like a two year old most days.
After cake we went to dinner at one of Carson's favorite restaurants, Taste of Italy. I forgot to take a picture of him there. 
 When we got home we gave him his new gift, his own wake board. Then it was off to bed. 
I think he had a great birthday. Thank you everyone who called, text, fb commented Happy Birthday. 

He's one special and loved boy!

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