Swimming & sno cones

Yesterday we hung out at Mimi's apartment pool. She got baby Cam for the day, so he could spend some time with his favorite cousins.
I had to give the kids a snack to cooperate for a photo. They literally hide when they see my big black camera coming out. #mamarazzi 
Carson had so much fun pulling Cam around the pool. We couldn't tell if Camden was enjoying it as much or not.
While the boys were swimming Olivia was busy texting her new boyfriend Luke. This girl is boy crazy. I can't even. 
The boys needed another snack break and I took some time to love on these baby cheeks.
After all that swimming we needed something refreshing... like a yummy sno cone. I've had a sno cone obsession all summer.
We had a fun day Mimi, thanks for inviting us over to swim. 


  1. How cute are your all's cow costumes! I am very glad the Bachelorette is over too!

    1. I swear it was the longest season ever. I can still hear the way she said Nicks name in my head! Bleh!