Pink tigers & arm dragons

This morning I took the kids to a free event the church was holding. First on the list was face painting before the line got too long. Watch out for this pink tiger. She is fierce!
Carson wanted a dragon on his arm. You can't really tell what it was.
After face painting the kids went down the blow up slide a few times.
 One of Carson's friends from school told him it was more fun to go down the slide backwards. Of course he had to try it to find out for himself.
Lyndi came with us. She was staying at my moms and was a little bored. Olivia enjoyed playing with her.
Up next was the craft/snack station. 
Olivia colored a picture, and made a pretty bumblebee magnet.
 My lego builder.
 We headed outside to pet some animals
 This chicken would have let Carson pet him all day.
 I had to give Olivia a little talk before she went in. She has been known to get kicked out of petting zoos for picking up bunnies by their ears. Luckily, there were no bunnies in this petting zoo.
 I think Carson would be a good little farmer. He was so sweet with all of the chickens.
Carson and Olivia grooming the animals. I'm not sure Olivia was supposed to be brushing the goats. They didn't seem to mind either way.
We had a fun time, and can't wait for next summer to do it again.

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